1. That Entitled Feeling

    About one out of four times when I go into the Utica A stop by my apartment, there are police officers guarding young black people they have captured. Once toward the middle of Occupy Wall Street my roommate and I were going to take the subway and this was the case, a young man of color started yelling at the cops through me and my roommate about racist police and gentrification. We got on the same car and he was still yelling at us, and we were kind of hurt because we recognized the guy from neighborhood anti-gentrification actions and he didn’t recognize us. When we said something to the effect (“Hey, why are you yelling at us? We’re on your team. I recognize you from the anti-eviction at Ms. Ward’s house two weeks ago…”), I was surprised when he wasn’t sorry. “So? What is that, the worst thing that’s going to happen to you today?” And he was right, it probably was. I felt entitled to be judged for a certain set of my actions, and entitled to the distribution of feeling that came with it. But why should I expect a hood pass for white allies when Oprah gets locked out of a Hermes store? I already know that how people are made to feel in public isn’t based on the merit of their actions, expecting something different for myself is basically hoping white privilege will still function for me in Bed-Stuy. That it often does isn’t a good reason for me to get indignant when it doesn’t.

  2. 10 Mixtapes From Chicago That I Enjoyed In 2013

    Tink Boss Up

    P. Rico Welcome to Puerto Rico

    Rico Recklezz Realer Than Words

    Dreezy DSM

    King Louie Jeep Music

    Lil Durk Signed to the Streets

    Chief Keef Almighty So

    Sasha Go Hard Nutty World

    Katie Got Bandz Drillary Clinton

    Ballout Rookie Of The Year

  3. Points the Internet Could’ve Helped Jon Franzen With

    In this article Jon Franzen makes a lot of claims, many of them about the Internet. Here’s some claims the Internet might have helped him think through a little deeper.


    Kraus would probably have hated blogs”

    "The risk run by the aphorist is that people will grow restless between aphorisms, because they aren’t getting enough of what it says on the label. Even while he was alive, most people didn’t want any more of Kraus’s world view than would fit into a fortune cookie. Though he had no computer on his desk, Kraus was essentially a blogger before the fact: his basic technique was to write a couple of hundred words about something silly in the newspaper." - Guardian critic Clive James


    If the concept of coolness had existed in Kraus’s time, he might have said that Germany is uncool.”

    1933   Z. N. Hurston in Story Aug. 63   And whut make it so cool, he got money ‘cumulated. And womens give it all to ‘im.” - OED


    "Believe me, you color-happy people, in cultures where every blockhead has individuality, individuality becomes a thing for blockheads."

    "Second footnote: You’re not allowed to say things like this in America nowadays, no matter how much the billion (or is it 2 billion now?) "individualised" Facebook pages may make you want to say them."


    "We find ourselves living in a world with hydrogen bombs because uranium bombs just weren’t going to get the job done"

    "It is colloquially referred to as a hydrogen bomb or H-bomb because it employs hydrogen fusion, though in most applications the majority of its destructive energy comes from uranium fission" - Wikipedia (also invented in the early 50s) 


    "Overnight free shipping!"

    There is no such thing as overnight free shipping.


    "so the physical book goes on the endangered-species list"

    "baby boomers’ share of book expenditures fell from 30 percent in 2010 to 25 percent in 2011, while Gen Y’s expenditure grew from 24 percent in 2010 to 30 percent in 2011 – a near-mirror-image swap." - Christian Science Monitor


    "If I’d been born in 1159, when the world was steadier, I might well have felt, at 53, that the next generation would share my values and appreciate the same things I appreciated"


    "But I was born in 1959, when TV was something you watched only during prime time, and people wrote letters and put them in the mail, and every magazine and newspaper had a robust books section, and venerable publishers made long-term investments in young writers, and New Criticism reigned in English departments, and the Amazon basin was intact, and antibiotics were used only to treat serious infections, not pumped into healthy cows."

    The use of antibiotics on livestock dates back to the late 1940’s when farmers first found they promoted growth in poultry. Ever since, farmers have increased the amount and types of antibiotics used on livestock in order to increase output and profits. The FDA has passed legislature to curb some of the use, however most conclude that these futile attempts have proved ineffective. In 1943, Selman Waksman found a revolutionary new antibiotic, “streptomycin.” This drug went on to become incredibly useful for human because it was effective on far more diseases than the previously found, penicillin. In fact, Waksman had been attempting to find drugs for livestock, not humans.” - Kenyon University Microbe Wiki

  4. No Good… For Us

    Yellow Man2007mixed media on paper105 x 76 cm

    (Yellow Man, David Scher)


    … shit is incapable of doing anything about about the fact
    that it’s shit”

    — Kirill Medvedev, “Pornocracy”

    The Russian writer Kirill Medvedev has been described as a poet, essayist, blogger, activist, and none is inaccurate. He also used to be a translator, before he quit working for commercial houses, renounced his copyright, and took to the streets — and sometimes the forest — to pursue politics and hermitude. It’s No Good, the first published English translation of Medvedev’s writing, centers this departure, paying tribute to his crisis of confidence. What makes Medvedev remarkable is that when faced with the contradictions of leftist literary intellectual life, he chose to do something. Or nothing, depending on how you look at it.

    It’s No Good is not an optimistic book. The volume lacks even the small material joys of Charles Bukowski, whom Medvedev translated into Russian. Mevedev takes a lot from the dirty old man of American poetry; he uses the same combination of anecdote and insight set in long stanzas at the halting pace of a few words per line. They’re both revolted by the world and their own place in it, and want desperately to be left alone with their work. But while Bukowski is able to find some measure of happiness in the small things in life, Medvedev’s poetry can only end in self-recrimination. Compare Bukowski in “if we take—”:

    “These things, and others, in content
    show life swinging on a rotten axis.

    But they’ve left us a bit of music
    and a spiked show in the corner,
    a jigger of scotch, a blue necktie,
    a small volume of poems by Rimbaud.”

    with Medvedev at the supermarket when he finds himself feeling sorry for grocery products after finding a good bargain in a poem excerpted from “Incursions”:

    “I bought some fish fillets
    and two cans
    of that incredibly cheap paté
    which I named
    ‘paté for the poor’;

    walking out of the supermarket
    with those products
    I thought of how often
    in my confrontations
    with the face
    of the society of consumption
    sentimentality replaces disgust.”

    Where Bukowski has booze, women, and the associated aesthetic experiences, Medvedev has a commitment to leftist politics and an accordant discontent with even temporary psychological relief. He has painted himself into a familiar corner; everything Medvedev sees is dripping with complicity. Behind every shopkeeper is not only an Eichmann in waiting, but a small cog in a giant Eichmann machine. The petty careerist intelligentsia milieu in which Medvedev finds himself is just another form of social consent, another way to dirty your hands. He finds no refuge in their anti-capitalist pretensions. The floor is lava, and no poem will help you climb the bare walls.

    In the essay “My Fascism,” which despite rambling at times seems to weigh more than anything else in the collection, Medvedev details the thinking behind his break with the literary world and his retreat to a blog in the context of a contemporary Russian situation that offers no clean way out. He knows that his expressing concern over the way literary intellectuals become compromised by success is little more than pre-approved internal critique: “The thing is that for worries such as I have, for qualms such as mine, people IN THIS SYSTEM often receive presents—and I would not like to receive any presents.” One pleasant outcome of Medvedev’s refusal to trifle with THIS SYSTEM is that he declines the gentleman writer’s obligation not to name names, preferring to call out compromised institutions and individuals within his own social circle. “Of course, political views should not be the reason for splitting with someone. Actually, no. It is precisely political views that should be the reason,” he writes by way of self-justification. The gossipy thrill, however, is somewhat dampened without an insider knowledge of Russian literary politics.

    While many writers seek use the Internet to escape isolation and obscurity, or to continue factional debates online, Medvedev is searching for some peace:

    “Of all the many kinds of artists that I know, the only one I like right now (and I should say that I am not this kind of artist yet myself, but I hope to be) is the artist-monk, who has (like a real monk) no rights, only responsibilities … in this context praying consists of living an honest life and creating uncompromising art so as to balance out the amount of dirt with which the rest of the social body is filled—be it a narrow stratum, or your nation, or all of humanity.”

    Medvedev is searching for an out, an emergency exit that once through will enable him to practice critique without feeling like he’s trying to jump by jerking Heavenward on his shoelaces. While Michael Walzer has positioned this tension between the critic’s connection to the social center and tendency to drift to the margins as essential to the vocation, that’s a 20th century formulation from a time when the answer to society’s problems seemed located between two poles. The critic, like Goldilocks, was supposed to moderate between extremes, taking from Marxism a concern with social justice and from modern liberalism a distaste for revolutionary violence. But this created a kind of trap: A set of concerns can’t compete with an absolute injunction, and Thous Shalt Not Murder combined with a state/family monopoly on force is a solid bulwark against any sweeping social change.

    This point was made with shocking clarity by Zack Beauchamp for the liberal blog Think Progress in a post called “What Progressives Stand To Gain From Economic Radicalism.” In a response to Jacobin editor Bhaskar Sunkara’s call for a renewed socialist left, Beauchamp is rosy about what this might mean for liberalism:

    “If history is any guide, American radicals end up furthering the objectives they share with liberals, like expanding the welfare state, while failing abjectly to advance the ones they don’t, like the abolition of private property or the overthrow of the constitutional order. So long as radicals eschew the use of political violence, something progressives unflinchingly oppose on both principled and practical grounds, there’s little to fear, and potentially something to gain, from a rebirth of America’s leftist dreamers.”

    It’s a surprisingly bold statement; Beauchamp fails to realize that
    you’re not supposed to say it out loud. He draws a stark line on liberal cooptation that should make anyone to the left of Elizabeth Warren shiver. Medvedev derives the existence of similar ideological fetters in Russia: “We also know that we should not kill. Beyond that we don’t know anything. Except we suspect that even what we do know—that you must not kill—can also be a form of pressure, or a trick; it can even be a way to murder.”

    One outcome of post-Cold-War unipolar realignment has been the full subordination of critiques of class society to critiques of political violence. By the end of the 90s, the bloody century’s lesson was clear and legible: No ideology is worth killing for, except that one. Even if the left were backed into violence, necessity isn’t the mother of appetite. As Mevedev puts it in a poem:

    “All those years of discussing the victims of the revolution
    have frozen our blood,
    have turned us into
    frightened ducklings, unable to defend our own rights,
    much less someone else’s”

    There’s a resonance here between these fears and Mevedev’s translator, publisher, and American advocate Keith Gessen’s self-critical musings on his own arrest at Occupy Wall Street. In his first-person account for the New Yorker, the n+1 editor tells of his apprehension for sitting in the middle of a Wall Street intersection. When the police seize the first kid, Gessen seems almost ashamed that he isn’t prepared to do anything about it: “It was a peaceful, vegetarian crowd. People took out their cameras, and iPads, and camera phones, and chanted ‘Shame!,’ but that was about it. A different sort of crowd, seeing one of its most vulnerable members handled this way, might have reacted more directly.”

    It’s one thing to publish Brechtian militancy[1] in translation, or to look back with regret at your fear of conflict, but when confrontation with the state was at hand, the editors of n+1 saw fit to publish a naive and beseeching letter to the police asking them to join the protests instead of repressing them. Needless to say, it didn’t happen like that. Political science professor Corey Robin — one of the leading intellectual lights of Sunkara’s socialist revival — is the cofounder of the accurately named protest affinity group “Cowards for Peace.” It’s hard not to notice that these are some of the characters Medvedev spits on, quoting the opposition figure Lev Alexandrovich Ponomarev at a protest:

    “‘I know you, you spoiled little socialists,
    unable to defend yourselves or others.
    Quasi-sectarians, children,
    ignorant of your rights.
    Little marginal whiners.
    Old maids from the library.’”

    Like Gessen, Medvedev is eager to critique the ground beneath his own feet, but every step he withdraws just exposes more compromised space. No matter how far he backs himself into a critical corner, the terrain never changes. The author concedes that as a critic he’s easily digested by the powers that be, but by fleeing this position he merely broadens his declared enemy’s diet. His plan seems to have backfired; far from a hermit, now Medvedev is translated into English, his poetry analyzed in New York literary journals. It’s a transcontinental flight from the frying pan into the flame for a writer ostensibly set against contributing to bourgeois culture.

    Ultimately what sets Medvedev apart is his sinking understanding that there is not much he’s likely to do about any of this but try to run away. The only ways he could avoid a crushing pessimism about his own social role are to underestimate his enemy or overestimate himself, neither of which Medvedev is inclined to do. “We have two choices. Either we patiently build the labor unions … or we have to do something really ugly, because no radical art actions are going to help here, are going to get through,” he writes. “What comes now is the period of stern and sober political choices; cruel analysis; and serious action. Though these, too, probably won’t happen.” The “it’s no good” of the title is closer to “it’s no use” than “things are bad.”

    But if Medvedev’s answer to “What is to be done?” is “Nothing I can realistically expect to be capable of,” it’s still unclear what exactly the stakes are. At times he yields to a sort of Fight Club politics of choice, in which capitalism and its daily practice appear as a trance that people acquiesce to out of weakness and complacency, as when he writes “In the modern world, it turns out, you don’t need to be a ‘wolf’; all you need to do, sometimes, is agree to a tiny compromise.” In Fight Club or The Matrix (both released in 1999), one man sees through the illusion and chooses to violently withdraw, catalyzing the breakdown of society at large. The emphasis is on the refusal to be another mindless drone, and from there it all seems so easy. Medvedev wants everyone to stop living compromised blood-soaked lives, he wants not to live a compromised blood-soaked life himself. Yet there’s no red pill or savage schizoid self to whisk you away to a life of noble, unambiguous struggle; wishing and hoping and hiding won’t make it so.

    Medvedev wants a universalizable ethical and revolutionary act, one that he can perform and advocate without hypocrisy. But the search is fruitless, and at times he seems to see no alternative to throwing up his hands and heading for the hills. Hermitude has low Kantain ethical stakes, not least because almost no one is likely to follow Medvedev’s example. It’s the same with “patiently building the labor unions” — by counterposing it against “something really ugly” Medvedev sets up the reformist strategy as an ethically safe form of resignation rather than something he has real confidence could work. He presents it as the historically minded leftist’s version of those told-you-so post-election bumper stickers: “Don’t blame me, I patiently built the labor unions.” The context for the comparison is the framing and imprisonment of a labor activist, and you can read the sighs in Medvedev’s line breaks.

    Left melancholy animates Medvedev’s poetry and prose alike, but that doesn’t mean he shrugs his shoulders into an end of history conclusion. After all, co-publisher n+1 still bills itself as “the magazine that believes history isn’t over just yet.” Just because he doesn’t have any idea what to do doesn’t make the liberal capitalist form terminal. At his most figurative, Medvedev reveals what’s really at stake in his dilemma:

    a rupture will come
    and some as yet nonexistent people
    (like a person vomiting into a sink)
    will lean over us, like over a dead crazy cuttlefish (again)
    like over boiling cups,
    like over crazed vegetables,
    and then—
    (like over crazed cucumbers)
    and so—
    just as we, right now, out of stupidity, strangeness, satisfied inertia
    want not to be forgotten
    (we’d like to leave
    tails behind us), we want
    to leave something”

    What he fears more than being unable to shoulder the burden of history is not being asked to.  Medvedev comes to the same conclusion as Marx: The class that buried feudalism and engineered the rise of the present order won’t be the one that lays it to waste. But faced with a historical dead end, the bourgeoisie still universalizes its experience. If there’s nothing we can do, then there’s nothing to be done. It’s a class defined in part by its inability to admit what Kafka knew: “There is hope—but not for us.” Medvedev doesn’t see much in society worth defending, but that insight is no sword in a stone. It doesn’t make him something he’s not.

    Even though it’s bound to fail on its own terms, as a geography of the leftist critic’s melancholic corner It’s No Good is a significant achievement. No matter how far Medvedev pushes himself to the margin, an exit never appears at his back. Inch by tortured inch he refutes the theorists who try to smuggle the so-called creative class into a multitudinous revolutionary subject. Only once we conclude there’s no universal and exemplary ethical act to be performed does it become possible to experiment with risk and consequence. That Medvedev and those of us who find ourselves in similar situations won’t be revolutionary heroes, that our choices, allegiances, and opinions aren’t the crux of what’s to come does not necessitate self-exile. History has supporting roles, even if it’s hard to get a class of Hamlets to play them.

    [1]“a drunken Nazi is captured by the army, and he keeps saying something, begging
    them not to kill him, because, he says, he’s not a Nazi, at least
    not a member of the SS, he’s a communist, a worker from Leipzig,
    he says;
    the snow has stopped falling;
    a Nazi is a Nazi” - Medvedev

  5. For Fred

    I wish I lived at _______ it has everything except what I love. Why are there so many stalls in the _______ bathroom? How do you lose your child in _______? After peeing in a bottle I decided to stroll through _______ without shoes. I’m lost in _______. Fuck. Love hate relationship with _______. Let’s all meet up at _______. This white lady in _______ was like “this place is like a zoo.” Fuck _______ man. I stayed in the car and it is so hot in here. Fuck _______ I want to leave early. _______ is disgusting, low class, and no morals! Then off to _______. Felt like I was seeing double at _______ today. _______ is sketchy as fuck at night. _______ is packed. It’s cold as shit in _______. Tomorrow off to _______ to get some new ones. What happened to _______? We came to _______. I lost my boyfriend in _______. Let’s go to _______ then! Why am I going to _______ right now? Gotta go to _______. You still get lost in _______ I see. He said “I’ve seen you at _______ with that stuff on your head.” When I go in _______, I wear sunglasses. I hate that place. I feel like getting kicked out of _______ again. That was a fun day. When I first saw you in _______, I apologized for looking ugly. You said “You were beautiful.” I need to go to _______. Interesting crowd here, at _______, at midnight. You better start going to _______. Some girls are stalking me at _______. _______ is always  packed. 24 hour _______. _______ flow. It feels like I’ve been at _______ for two hours. I was in _______ earlier. I saw you in _______. I fucking hate _______. I wanna go to _______. I always end up in _______ somehow. Can’t decide if I want to go to _______. _______ is a shit hole. Okay heading to _______. I spend more time at _______ than my own house. I love going to _______ nothing pleases me more than listening to crying children. I have so much hatred for _______. I think I’m going to _______. _______ is a mad house. Should I stop at _______… Then, we went to _______. Which _______? I always see my family at _______. _______ it is. Just got in trouble with _______ people. Have you been to _______ lately? I really don’t feel like going to _______ right now. Going to _______. Walking into _______ through the exit door. We just got kicked out of _______. How did _______ know? I was in _______ with my grandma and she started singing. I hate _______ at night. Going to _______. Everybody in _______. Why is _______ packed right now? Everybody’s in _______ tonight. I’m ready to go to _______. At _______. I just lost a _______ battle. Just back from _______. Fuck _______. _______ yay! Walking around _______ with nothing to do. On my way to _______. _______ is packed. I need to make a _______ trip. Oh my we still have to go to _______. My  mother is at _______. Weirdest little kid at _______. When in doubt, go to _______. Why not? I need to go to _______. In _______. Bout to go to _______. We aren’t at _______? On our way to _______. You went to _______ without me. Fuck you _______! About to go to _______. Why are we going to _______ at this time of morning? _______ calling my name. All the bitches be at _______. Who’s in _______ right now? Heading to _______. At _______! Can’t wait to go to _______! The people of _______. Can’t we stop at _______? Oh dear god. Ugh, I was harassed all around _______. It’s cold in _______. At _______! My night was made by a simple hug in _______. Went to _______ and look what I found. _______ after dark. Lost in _______. I hate _______. It is the scum between my toes. Ugh I hate _______. Not trying to look at _______ in the morning. Just left _______. I took a risk and went to _______. I think everyone in _______ has an attitude. Fucking done at _______ for good! We’re bored, so let’s go get kicked out of _______. I’m at _______. We at _______. _______ dead. I do not like _______! Hey I was just at _______. _______ is no longer invited to my birthday party. I’m serious tell all your friends/family/everyone you know! Don’t go to _______! Fuck _______. _______ at this time is the worst place to be. I hate _______. _______ loves your money they could care less about you. Going to _______. At _______ with my cousin, I’m so damn tired. I didn’t know that _______ ever closed. Balling at _______. I love _______ more. I’m at _______. _______! I bumped into you at _______. You see everyone you know at _______. Guess who I just saw at _______? Sexy bitches at _______. So we got followed in _______ tonight. _______ was packed. At _______. They all just left to _______, that means party! There are some weird people at _______. I got kicked out of _______ again. _______ loves me. Leaving _______. _______ adventure! Going to _______ for no reason.  We finally leave _______ and head home. In _______. The things you see in _______. Nothing but freaks in _______. Got chased around _______ by a person in a bunny outfit. I ran into him at _______. _______ is not the place to be at midnight. Nothing but freaks at _______. I went to _______ today and everybody thought I was my twin. Why do you see everybody you know at _______? This isn’t _______. It’s real life. We still know each other. We all love _______ so just shut the fuck up already. Too much fun at _______. I’m up and I’m in _______. My dad is so weird when we go to _______. You can never go into _______ without seeing somebody. Who wants to take me to _______? Then go to _______ there are always people there. _______ was lame today. Fucking _______. I wanna go naked to _______! Together we could fix _______. Not here by choice. I wanna go to _______! I hate _______ it’s my mother. Who was fighting at _______?  I swear I hate comeing here sometimes. I really don’t like _______. _______ I hate you for not having what I was looking for. I hate going to _______. You went to _______? How could we survive without it. I like fucking around in _______. What happened to _______? Making an awkward trip to _______. Sometimes you smell like _______. Will someone please go to _______ with me? I always get messed up when I go by myself. I would have sex in _______. Need to go to _______. I need to run to _______. Mom taking forever in _______. Always find some weird creatures in _______. Who in the hell makes a bomb threat at _______? At the _______. I feel like I don’t belong. What doesn’t my mom understand about us needing to go to _______? Fight hunger with _______. In _______. Gonna pick up a guy in _______. Headed to _______ where everything is possible. I hate going to _______. Now I know why I quit going to _______. Going to _______ looking like a piece of trash. Everybody in _______ is judging me right now. The people I see at _______. _______ was the definition of crazy last night. Don’t believe me, well I have the scars to prove it! Just came back from _______. Throwing up at _______. I need to get out of _______! Nothing like a trip to _______ to make you feel better about yourself. Nothing in _______. I swear I can’t stand coming to _______. Skateboarding in _______. So he takes forever to shower, and now decides he doesn’t want to go to _______ with me. Need to go  to _______. I was at _______ and this guy said hey to me, and I didn’t know him so I just stared. Oh just chilling outside of _______, no big deal. Dying at _______ but it’s okay, I’m having fun. We clearly need to go to _______. I look like a hot mess in _______. _______ after work. Need to go to _______. Yeah go to _______. I’m at _______. I think it’s from _______? Why the hell is everyone at _______ right now? Some cute dudes at _______. _______? _______ time.  Going to _______. Third trip to _______. I basically live here. I’m kinda scared to go to _______ cause of what happened yesterday. _______ once again. You see everybody in _______. _______ is packed. Fuck _______. Meth lab found in _______ bathroom. I’m scared to go to _______ by myself. Lost my mother in _______. Going to _______ with socks that don’t match. Just saw a serious police sting operation successfully completed at _______. This is why I don’t like coming to _______ cause I see too many people. I don’t like talking all the time. I need to go to _______ for like everything. I’m out of everything. _______ is a place where dreams come true. Getting hit on by a 60 year old man at _______. My dad doesn’t understand my love for _______. _______ has the creepiest looking people ever. You ever notice that when you go to _______, you always end up seeing someone you know? On my way to _______. We live in _______. Seeing everybody and their mother at _______. I was so surprised when _______ called me! I had no idea what to say. My mother just told me I didn’t deserve to go to _______ with her. Why does _______ keep texting me? And how did they get my number? Must make _______ run. I just came back from _______. Pushing my mom around _______. Making fun of people at  _______ with my dad. I’m at _______. In _______. Who else is going to _______? Were you at _______ last night? I need _______ in my life! No I’m still at _______. Came to _______ looking like shit. Hopefully I don’t see anyone. I’d rather stand in a corner in _______ than stay in this boring house. Just saw two people fucking behind _______. I need to head to _______ so I can go to sleep early. _______ packed as fuck. I need to go to _______ but I don’t feel like going. Where in _______ am I? I always see somebody I know at _______. At _______ with my brother’s girlfriend. I’m going to _______ tonight. I don’t know why. It’s hot as fuck in _______. I hate _______ with a passion. Last time I went to _______ I was so excited. _______ is live right now. I came to _______ and didn’t find anything I needed. Just left _______ with my grandma. Going to my favorite place: _______. _______ requires patience. Smells like ferrets at _______. My older brother just pantsed me in _______. Little kid at _______ just said, “Mommy, why do you want to curse my dreams?” To which she responded, “They’re already cursed.” I just want to go to _______ and walk around. _______ sucks so much. At _______ watching kids cry and parents not caring. Loving _______. Feeling like going to _______. Every time I go to _______ my eyes get bloodshot and red. I hate _______. I guess I’ll head to _______ in a minute. Leaving _______. Lights off at _______. What the fuck. It’s dark. In _______, trying to act like we don’t go to school. When is there ever an attractive boy at _______? I don’t feel like going to _______ though. I need to go to _______. First time ever going to _______! The shit I see in _______. In _______ now and it’s bringing back a lot of memories. I wanna go to _______. Ain’t no damn sun in _______. What happened in _______? It’s pitch black in _______ but everybody is calm.

  6. For Popeye

    If a girl takes you to ____________ on a first date, she doesn’t like you all that much. FYI. I’ve never been to ____________. Take me to ____________ so I know it’s real. I think I want to finally go to ____________. Going to ____________ for the first time. ____________ better not disappoint me. My first time having ____________ and it was soooo good. Had ____________ for the first time…In L❤VE! Time for ____________ with my beautiful girlfriend for our 4 months! ____________ is so overrated but I guess it will do. ____________ wasn’t worth all that, wtf. people are ridiculous. I hope 2013 has more in store for me other than just being the year I had ____________ for the first time. ____________ for the first time since high school basketball. Doesn’t feel quite the same. If everyone on earth died and I had an unlimited supply of ____________ and my best friends were dolphins i would be truly happy. While everyone’s out and about with prom, I’m going to ____________. ____________ before prom. Sorry but if I don’t get ____________ on prom, it’s over. Everybody is going to ____________ and i’m just here. ____________ for first time ever right now. Need to get my shit together. Falling apart. First time I’ve ever seen ____________ so quiet and empty.

  7. For George

    Would do anything for _________ right now. I left my friend’s 11 year old cousin in the _________ bathroom. I was halfway home when I realized. _________ why did they tear you down? I luv you, baby come back, you can blame it all on me. Need a _________ in my life. Im having _________ tonight this is a very unhealthy weekend mums fault. If anyone needs a job apply to the _________ by school! My manager likes the youth! _________ With The Family. i want a guy to look at me the same way i look at _________. i haven’t had _________ in half a year i’m going to cry. Wait no dad _________ is this way. We’ve past like 4 _________ and haven’t stopped at one I might just jump out of the car. In the last 24 hours I have had 4 _________. How? How is that even possible? Guys’ll chill w/ ya, buy u _________, fuck ya, duck ya, invite u over, dog out girls to you, etc just cuz they’re bored & lonely. I really fucking hate working at _________. That’s why I like her cause she buys me _________. omg this _________ is like new and renovated. Someone please come see me at _________. Bored outta my mind! I love you so much _________. Feels good to be back on American soil!!! First stop, _________. #USA I’m going to build a _________ in my room and a sloth can take my order. _________ i know this is unexpected and all but i just wanted to say i love you. If you need a job come to the _________ by the mall they are doing open interviews on Monday plus I work there so come to see me as well. Don’t even like Sunday dinners rather have _________. _________ + New Clothes = Happy white person. This black lady in park slope just asked me if there was a _________ around and I tried to answer without showing my level of judgement. Why do black people have to participate in these ridiculous _________ commercials…? Everytime i see a _________ commercial i’m like “damn that baby looks black, asian, hispanic, AND white all at the same time” He was the reason I fought for the first time. It was at _________ with a black girl, lol. I’ll be home at 1am, if someone could be waiting for me in my bed with a _________ and a good movie that’d be great, peace out. Stayn at _________ 14hrz Str8! Getting _________ was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I threw most of my _________ away. Chris just took me to _________ I am so bloody happy. About to take my baby to play at _________ cause there’s a line at the zoo. It’s like a high school reunion when you walk into _________, everyone fucking works there. _________ is the place to be after church! It feels so good not working at _________ anymore.

  8. For Cyril

    Some lady just burped so loud at _________, and tried to play it off like it wasn’t her. I wonder where the _________ I got her went? So grateful that my #dancefestival budget allows us to stop at _________ after this morning’s debacle at home. At _________, cause im white. The closest _________ for me is in the neighboring country. I hope Monica gets here with _________ that’ll really make my morning. My dad just walked into my room and told me he wants to take me to _________. This either means I’m in trouble or he’s just being nice. We better be going to _________. I’ve seen looks of pure terror, and it was on the faces of the sorority girls who couldn’t all sit together at _________ just now. I wish I had _________ right now. I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like if _________ just shut down for a week. White people crazy bout some damn _________ lmao I don’t get it. Dragging myself to _________. Demain j’ai le droit a mon _________. Anybody wanna come over and buy me _________? My dad wouldnt stop at _________ so my mom and i started chanting _________ and he caved in and pulled over. Is it bad that the girl at _________ already knew my name? My fave brand: _________ presses social media onward! Where is the _________ that did this? Hope moms takes me to _________ this morning. Some meanie deleted my _________ app last night. Every time someone visits _________ they increase their chances of a heart attack. I see the exact same people at _________ every single time I go. Oh my god I forgot how good _________ was. #Paris My dad is taking me to _________. Maybe if i had a _________ built into my house i’d be happy. If I ever win the lottery or something, the first thing I’m gonna do is build a _________ inside my school. I visited her timeline! I need a drive, I need _________! Craving _________ more than anything right now. Alcohol, _________, and hot boys are what make up my life. I had _________ for the first time a few weeks ago, disappointment. I want to go out today and get _________ and be with friends. I’ve saved money for _________ this time. But something tells me, let it be, money is worth more. Wow kelly needs to relax about _________ like okay we get it. If I go town with Jess again I am not going to _________ with her, she made a right mess last time. _________ is awful. #OverRated Work work work and I feel like a zombie! Nothing some _________ can’t fix. I just need to sleep the rest of the day away to make things better. Or I could just go tan and get _________.

  9. sounds about right

    sounds about right